Things you Need to Know about Baby Bottle Warmers

Things you Need to Know about Baby Bottle Warmers:

Getting up at the middle of night and prepare the baby food can really be exhausting for the nursing mother or the father. However, using a bottle warmer can be a more convenient way to save you from the night time crisis. Although, some parents swear by this gadget, others have never touched it after buying and so, consider it to a complete wastage of money. But, you never know its importance, unless you are a parent yourself.

Why should you use a bottle warmer?

Some may disapprove the utility of a baby bottle warmer, but if you are jolted awake in the middle of the night by your hungry baby’s cry, do you really want to grab the crying baby and fumble around the kitchen to warm the bottle over hot water?

Exactly. A baby bottle warmer is the far quicker and convenient way to warm the baby’s food simply by pressing a button. While the baby bottle warmer does its job, you can concentrate fully to pacify your fretting baby. Moreover, this device ensures an even warming of the milk.

How convenient it is?

If you are heating a formula milk, or breast milk, temperature should always be monitored. You should never microwave breast milk; formula milk also needs a certain temperature to retain its nutritional properties intact.

You may also need a consistent temperature to warm the milk on the go. You may conserve water for your journey, and not use it to feed the baby. Baby bottle warmers serves the purpose for you. Also, it takes care of the temperature of the milk, so that it retains all the nutrients.

Types of bottle warmers:

Each serving its unique purpose, there are several baby bottle warmers available in the market.

1. The most commonly used ones are the countertop bottle warmers. As the name suggests, they are usually placed on the kitchen counter, dresser or on a table beside the crib. Some of these types include a bottle cooler.

2. ​Portable bottle warmers are designed to be easily moved around the house. It might need a battery to operate since its compact design and portability.

3. Usually operated with batteries, travel bottle warmers can also be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. They are handy when you commute often or have travel plans. However, the heating will generally take slightly longer than the usual.

Things You need to Consider while Buying a Bottle Warmer:

· Bottle warmers may be of different sizes and shapes. They may also use different methods or technology to warm baby’s milk.For example, some use steam and some use warm water bath. We’ve made a list of things you should consider while buying a baby bottle warmer, other than the price.

· It needs to fit the size and shape of milk bottles you will be using it to warm. You need a device that has a universal warming chamber to warm up frozen breast milk in bottles or bags as well as small baby food jars.

· ​It should solve the primary reason, i.e. save time and heat up the bottle efficiently. Moreover, it should be able to heat up the bottle contents consistently and evenly at the right temperature so that the nutrients should be intact while heating.

· You should be looking for the models that provide settings of “stay warm” after it reaches preferred temperature.

· You should not be fumble around trying to figure out how the device works, while your baby is crying for food. It should be easy to use for it would be used frequently throughout the day.

· Over time the device has some mineral deposits build ups and needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its functionality. The disassemble and reassemble part should not be too complicated to handle.

· The bottle warmer should have good safety features that will prevent over heating by shutting off automatically if the it reaches the preferred temperature or the water level reaches below a certain threshold.

· You should be able to take the device with you while you are travelling with your baby. It should be of portable size and weight.

· It must be another appliance, but also be a space saving one.

· ​Some extra features like if they can also be used as sterilizers would be a good bonus.

· A night light will allow you to locate the device easily at dark room.

Finally, with father maternity leave allowance increases across Western countries, you should invest a little extra money on these devices. Whether you think that you need it or not, you’ll find it to be useful when it’ll save you a lot of time in the middle of the night while nursing your baby. Content by SEO Consultant Gold Coast.