Key Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Life coaches are gaining more and more popularity these days, but still, a lot of people mistake them for being the usual psychologists or shrinks that you can hire to help you become more open about your thoughts and feelings and discuss your relationship with food and your hang-ups with dieting. But a fact is, life coaches are this and so much more. They are well-trained specialists you studied how it is to become an effective life coach not only regarding guiding their patients but in motivating them always to challenge themselves to become better at what they do.

If you are struggling with your weight loss and struggling with keeping your health in check at the same time, then here are some reasons why you should hire a results coach and what you can get from doing so this year. Hopefully, this will motivate you to try it out and finally change your life for good.

Benefits of hiring a life coach

1. Helps you determine your priorities
A life coach can help you in figuring out your priorities in life. There are times in your life when you feel that you lack direction which directly skews your priorities. Engaging a coach can assist you to you determine which are your most important priorities, help you focus on them so that you can regain your life on track.

2. Assist in determining factors hampering your progress
Sometimes you may feel confused or lost especially when your personal or professional growth is hindered. And this can be due to various factors that can severely limit such growth. A good coach can help you identify those limiting factors and even work on removing them altogether.

3. Making right decisions
Lack of self-confidence is another factor that can prevent you from making important decisions in life. One of the best-known benefits of talking to a coach is the increased sense of self-confidence. A good coach knows how to instill the value of positive thinking into your mindset. Confidence guarantees you to do well both in your private and professional life.

4. Objective advice
If you feel like you need someone who will listen to whatever it is you want to say, then seeing a coach might just be an option for you. Life coaches are specially trained individuals to be excellent listeners. They have the capability ignore their world and completely immerse themselves into yours. Many people who have experienced a life coaching training claims that it is the first time they felt truly heard.

Coaching is all about helping you set your goals in life and process a plan on how to achieve them. With life coaching, you will have a a clear view of your goals which can help in achieving them faster.

5. Coaching is Future Focused
Coaching focuses on the person’s, or the couples, present and future not on their past. Everything we do focuses on what they want to do or accomplish next. We don’t let our clients get bogged down by things that have happened in their past; rather we help them deal with them and move forward into the future. We see your potential and not your problems.

6. Coaching is NOT Long Term
Don’t expect to sit in your coach’s office for hours at a time, or months on end. Coaching sessions constantly move you forward so you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. You might need one or two sessions to bounce ideas off your coach, or you can come in for more scheduled visits over a longing period.

7. Coaching is Effective
Coaching is an investment, but it is very effective and more than pays for itself. Studies show that your ROI (return on investment) on coaching is around 500%. That means you receive five times more out of being coached that you invest into coaching!

8. Coaching is about Life-Changing Results
When it comes to coaching people must be able to see results. However, when it comes to changing a behavior, you cannot do it alone. In fact, you have a greater possibility of failing than you do succeeding when you try to change by yourself! Research shows your probability increases to 50% when you design a plan to implement the change and to 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with another person (like a coach, counselor, or mentor) for the sole purpose of changing that behavior.